About Me

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I grew up on a farm in Central Ohio and quickly developed a fascination for nature. I graduated from a college in Kentucky and completed a biology teaching certification and Master’s Degree in Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati. After 42 years of teaching high school biology I retired.

An interest in photography started during my first few years as a teacher. My first camera was a Minolta SRT 201 that I used to photograph anything that could be used to enhance my teaching. After taking a graduate field class in Marine Biology, I learned the value of fieldwork and the importance of sharing my experience through slide presentations in the classroom. Over the years I expanded my photography to include sporting events, activities at school, and later my twins as they grew up.

I spent ten years studying molecular biology through fellowships and workshops during the summers. When I retired (for 12 days) from public school and took a teaching job at a private Catholic high school, I realized how much I had missed the outdoors during the previous years. I began studying ecology and developed an interest in birds. Soon my photographic interest expanded beyond sporting, school, and family events. I switched to digital when birds became my primary subject. I shoot in the tri-state (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky), as well as travel to such places as Florida, Alaska, New Mexico, Michigan, New Jersey, Newfoundland and Iceland in search of birds. I recently organized my images into this website for family, friends, and birders.

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